BF Back and Forth
FD Feelin N Dealin
WS Wheelin N Stealin
LD34 Puzzle Tower
CS Counter Strike: GO
Back and Forth was created for the "Ludum Dare 30" game jam. We finished pretty well so we continued to work on it and eventually released it for android on the google play store. Back and Forth is a puzzle game where you have to maneuver 2 blocks into the correct position. Whenever you move one block the other moves in the oposite direction.
Feelin N Dealin was created for "Ludum Dare 29", the first game jam I participated in. It is a simple side scroller set in the sewers, as you progress through the game you can buy cosmetic items for your base.
Feelin N Dealin
Wheelin N Stealin is the spiritual successor to Feelin N Dealin created for the "Gamejolt GameBoy Jam 3". This time we created a top down driving game featuring the same money mechanics from the first game.
Wheelin N Stealin
Puzzle Tower is a 3D puzzle platformer created for "Ludum Dare 34". The focus of the game is to climb a tower while pushing blocks and jumping over obstacles.
Puzzle Tower
I create custom Counter-Strike maps in my free time and I plan to set up a 1v1 server in the near future :)
I currently am working on a 5v5 defuse map and there is a 1v1 aim map available to download.