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VideoLocale allows users to search for videos by selecting regions on a map. Youtube videos are displayed based on the selected regions and any chosen filters.
VideoLocale was created for a senior software engineering course at Seattle Pacific University.
I created this website to display the projects I have worked on and completed. I enjoy web development and creating video games. I tried to learn as many new things as possible while working on this site and I hope you enjoy it :)
NBA Live 95 edit is a project that adds the current (2014-15) NBA rosters to NBA live 95. The created tools allow anyone to edit the game and add their own players.
NBA Live 95 edit consists of tools to pull NBA stats and edit player appearances, spreadsheets with formulas to compute player skill values, and a program to modify the ROM itself.
NBA Live 95
The "Stock Quotes" website was made for a web development class at Seattle Pacific University. Users can search for current stock information or look at the past history of a stock.
NBA Live 95